Tree Pruning and Removal

for Commercial and Residential Properties


Pruning a tree involves the careful removal of branches which can become a detriment to the overall look or heath of the tree. Proper execution of a long-term prune depends on prior experience with how different species grow, and how they respond to different pruning techniques. This knowledge is also important to provide more custom pruning, like pruning a tree to fit a tighter urban space, pruning a fruit tree to maximize harvest, or simply pruning a tree to provide more light to a garden or lawn.

Removal of a tree consists of felling/and or technical lowering of branches and stems using ropes and pulleys to physically remove a tree from a location. This can be for any reason, but most commonly is needed because the tree is in declining health, or dead, or has become unfit for the space where it was planted/volunteered and has become a hazard or a nuisance.


Plant Health Care

for Commercial and Residential Properties


Emerald Ash Borer are threatening Denver's urban forest. 1 in 6 trees in Denver is an Ash. Chances are pretty good you have an Ash-protect it! We are using the Arbor-Jet injection system to inoculate our client's Ash against the Emerald Ash Borer.

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Home Owners

Whether you know exactly what you want for your trees or have no idea where to start, it's best to turn to an expert for pruning or removal. Together we can come up with a plan that suits your needs and addresses your trees' health. I can customize any prune to any tree. I can also take care of full or basic maintenance. If your trees need love, let's talk.


Property Managers

Addressing the tree concerns of a large property, many small properties, or a Home Owners Association (HOA) can seem daunting and expensive. It helps to have an expert to zero in on what must be done. It's nice when things look good, but it is imperative they be safe. Pruning or removal, I can help you keep your properties safe and looking good, whatever your budget.



If you have an existing tree on your project that doesn't fit your vision, I can remove it. When the landscape is perfect but the arborscape needs help, on a new install or a maintenance account, give me a call. If you just have questions about trees, I can help. I've worked with award-winning design build firms and small independents in all aspects of the green industry on projects big and small.


Tree Care Companies

Need an experienced climber? I have sub-contracted for several other tree services for technical removals and large pruning jobs. If you've got more than you can handle, or just need to get through a big job fast, I can help.


Real-estate Agents

Do you have a property with an ugly tree that is making it less attractive to buyers? It often doesn't take much to cosmetically improve a tree. A little attention can go a long way towards cleaning up a listing.



Have a tree in your way on the jobsite? I can remove it or help you work around it so it doesn't get harmed. If you're doing a new addition or a pop-top and have questions about interfering branches or the impact of the construction on a nearby tree, I can help with that, too.


Insurance Agents

Need some limbs pruned away from a structure for insurance purposes? No problem. Have a tree-related claim that needs clean-up? Send me an e-mail. Whatever your needs, concerns, or questions, I can help.