Plant Health Care

Keep your beloved trees safe and healthy.

Emerald Ash Borer are threatening Denver's urban forest. 1 in 6 trees in Denver is an Ash. Chances are pretty good you have an Ash-protect it! We are using the Arbor-Jet injection system to inoculate our client's Ash against the Emerald Ash Borer.

After much research into how to best provide a defence against EAB, we decided on the Arbor-Jet for the simple reason it has proven the most effective- but also the safest for the environment. No broadcasting of chemicals over the canopy (and wherever else the breeze takes it), no spotty uptake with root applications, the chemicals are injected directly into the vasculature of the tree. This facilitates more thorough uptake and diffusion throughout the entire canopy, and the treatment is effective for 2 plus growing seasons.

We also treat Pines for Mountain Pine beetle, Spruce for ips beetle, Firs for tussock moth, Honeylocusts for Honeylocust bug, and pretty much any creepy-crawly you can think of we have a treatment for.

Not only are we able to treat against insects, but diseases as well. Fireblight and many cankers, bacterial infections and fungus, and chlorosis mitigation- the Arbor-Jet system has treatments for the spectrum of tree maladies, all without spraying!